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How to Get Great Turnout at a Hen Weekend

In this day and age it is not always easy to get people together in person, but special occasions require special attention. We have social media at the tip of our fingers, and it can alleviate so much social stress when trying to plan a hen party. Let social media and its functions do the work for you. The first step is to find out which people the bride would like to be invited, and find out what social media they use. Depending on their preferences, you can use that platform to organize the hen party with ease.

Facebook gives the ability to create a public or private event and invite people to it, and further instructions can be posted in the description of that event. A helpful feature on Facebook is private groups in which the author can post rules (such as trade secrets of the hen party) that everyone has to agree to to join, and it does not show who is a part of the group or what they post. This excludes the admins and the description, which can be seen by anyone. This keeps the party private and allows for people to speak their mind with a group, rather than it all going through the person organizing the hen party.

From there, potential dates and times for the hen party can be put up against each other in a poll in which group members vote, giving the dates and times available to the largest number of invitees. This can also be done on Instagram by creating a private page dedicated to the hen weekend that requires approval to follow, and posting polls to a permanent reel on that page where guests can cast their votes.

On several sites, it is possible to set up “alert words”. This can be a good idea to regulate any interpersonal conflict that may happen over social media (after all, things can get misconstrued when they are not said face-to-face). For each word that you list and a member uses, you will be alerted to it and can review the post or comment.