For over 105 years the Fair has been proud to be an integral part of Mason County and we invite the community to be the momentum that continues the tradition!

Thank you for all your support!

If you are interested in helping or have an idea for an event, please contact your 2013 Mason Area Fair executive board. The Fair planning committee, superintendents and executive board meets the first Monday on the month. There is no meeting in December or August.

Maybe you want to volunteer or be a building superintendent for 2013?Let them know!

Thrills & Chills of
NPRA Rodeo 

Join us in July in Mason County at the community supported NPRA Rodeo. Here the finest and the bravest handlers from the Western United States & Canada will be competing for Rodeo titles!

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Contact your 2013 Executive Board!

President: Michale Parker email click here

(360) 801-4953

Vice-President: Leilani Dixon email click here

Secretary: Betty Thompson/Kasey Bowen

Treasurer: Ken Brown email click here

Thank you to each one for taking on the direction of the Mason Area Fair Association!